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Waterproofing Roof Cape Town

Waterproofing of Roofs Cape Town

Waterproofing Roofs for Industrial, commercial and residential properties in the Cape Peninsula

Waterproofing your roof will prevent unnecessary and most often expensive repairs. Water leakage repairs will also prevent deterioration of your property, and possible structural damage.

We are specialists in roof waterproofing with over 20 years experience in the Cape Town and surrounding areas.

If you currently have any issues, or want to ensure you don’t have water leakage problems in the future contact us today for a free estimate.

We provide waterproofing repairs and new building installations.

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Effective Waterproofing

The most important factor in effective waterproofing is providing a well designed waterproofing system at the beginning of a building project.

This should happen at the design phase of the building with the Architect.

Most waterproofing contractors who belong to WARAC (Waterproofing and Roofing Association in Cape Town) will offer to look over proposed building plans and assist architects with specifying correct waterproofing details.

Much of the work we quote on is, however, not new building work but rather remedial work where either a new building has been constructed and one year later leaks begin to appear – the owner of the building often does not find any joy with the builder and takes it upon themselves to solve the waterproofing problem.

As Waterproofing contractors we are often called on at this late stage to try and unravel the mystery of how the waterproofing system was designed, and then installed.

Unfortunately, for the building owner, this usually means completely stripping up the old waterproofing system and starting over.

A huge expense if one considers that all the finishing work e.g. painting, tiling etc will need to be re-done.

Take for example this small balcony that needed to have the torch on waterproofing system replaced.

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